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If I were a climate scientist, the despair I would feel about the future of the planet would make it difficult to live. It’s bad enough reading about climate science. And the scientists here who are making claims that “we can do this and save ourselves!” are stating opinions that really sound pretty distant from […]

Union Busting in Bangladesh

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On May 11, 2015
Please read this Human Rights Watch report on union busting in Bangladesh’s garment industry. Two years after Rana Plaza, conditions have changed slightly for the better because of pressure from western activists, but workers demanding the power to fight for themselves are brutalized. I want to present you two quotes from the report’s summary. I […]
Jason Motlagh and Josh Eidelson have an excellent piece up on the horrors of the Bangladeshi leather industry. When you buy leather goods, where do you think the leather comes from? How does it become leather? Of course you don’t ask yourself that question. You just like the shiny jacket. But it is just awful: […]
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