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I’m sure there are non-MAGA analysts who think that the United States can just move on from the Trump Administration, but I haven’t come across any in the wild. Most recognize that Trump’s toxic blend of narcissism, ignorance, and personal corruption damaged U.S. domestic politics in ways that will haunt the country for years to […]

Making Allies

On November 28, 2018

My former colleague, Shana Bernstein, has good things to say on the importance of forging alliances across race and class lines to disrupt rising racist rhetoric, policy, and violence. The recent rash

It seems a bit anti-climatic after today’s Presidential performance, but I have a piece (co-authored with Abe Newman) at Vox’s “The Big Idea” section on burden-sharing. The title is somewhat misleading: the crux of our argument is that the benefits of burden-sharing are overblown, the context in which the Trump Administration is pushing for it […]
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