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When I think of a nice bedtime story, I think of Trotskyite music reviews. Here’s a lovely review of the new Alicia Keys from noted music publication World Socialist Web Site: “Girl on Fire” is the album’s most recognizable single and its title track. One hears it everywhere. The song lifts a section of its […]

This Will Not End Well

In General
On October 28, 2011
Erik beat me to the Oliver Stone/Power Broker* project. And yet, I think it might be more promising than fellow Belaborer of the Obvious Alan Ball** doing a movie about George Tiller. Fans of actors reading lengthy position papers telling you things you already know who are still upset by the cancellation of Studio 60 […]
You can’t get a much better example of whining being central to one’s political identity than John Nolte’s alleged decade-long boycott of TV because of the possibility that someone might make a mild joke about an unpopular politician on his party’s side. I suppose this is also a subset of the “epistemic closure” phenomenon…

Breitbart Self-Parody Watch

On January 19, 2010

As Sadly, No! and Mr. Bogg have already documented, Ben Shapiro’s latest entry at Andrew Breitbart’s Aesthetic Stalinism for Dummies is a classic. It actually starts out a little frighteni

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