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From the Braves announcers… Joe Simpson: Just a glancing blow off the left leg. Skip Carey: It’s what the pitching fraternity calls “a flesh wound.” Joe Simpson: So does the Black Knight. Skip Carey: Who? Joe Simpson: From Monty Python; the Black Knight? “It’s just a flesh wound?” Skip Carey: I’ll take your word for […]
Loomis asks an interesting question: I have been thinking about some of the implications of Michael Moore’s Sicko. Specifically, why is the United States the only nation in the developed world without some sort of equitable, government-funded health care? I am just wondering if we can look back to the American Revolution for some answers. […]
Hilzoy, on behalf of Jonah Goldberg: Robert Farley: a pale, little man who hides within his armature of logical principles and arguments and consistency, like a grub cowering inside its discarded exoskeleton. I’ll confess to the pale; my Anglo-Irish heritage has left me a legacy of skin that burns after 10 or so minutes of […]
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