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Via Roger,screenwriter John Rogers definitively demolishes the second half of the above oft-repeated bit of conservative received wisdom. In addition, why don’t we look at Glenn Reynolds’ claim about Hollywood’s “falling revenues.” Just for the hell of it, why don’t we look at some actual data about the “falling revenues” of “liberal Hollywood”: Box Office […]

Suicide Bombing

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On July 12, 2005
Robert Pape has an article on suicide bombing in the new APSR (What? Something interesting in the APSR? The hell you say!). Kevin Drum publishes an extract of an interview with Pape here, and Dan Drezner has a longer discussion here. The argument seems pretty interesting, as it puts to bed the notion that suicide […]
Matt is, of course, completely right here: Why would that be? Let’s say Bush puts up Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown. In response, all 7 Democrats commit to voting no. In addition, the nominally pro-choice Republicans — Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Lincoln Chaffee, and Arlen Specter — all commit to voting no. Then Owen […]

On epidemics

On July 11, 2005

It should come as news to none of our readers that the Bush administration consistently demonstrates exceedingly poor policy judgment to complement their mendacity and skewed priorities on a myriad of

Roxanne notes that the Cleveland Plain Dealer is declining to publish a story based on leaked documents. As iocaste points out, however, the paper is clearly mistaken on the law, and it’s worth keeping two very different issues distinct. If Judith Miller were being prevented from publishing what her source told her, then she would […]
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