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After laying the groundwork for several issues, we’re finally ready to do a deep dive on Chris Claremont’s first[1] unadulterated statement on the mutant metaphor, the legendary Days of Future Past: The story came at a key, interstitial moment for Chris Claremont and John Byrne: they’d just pulled off a three-year, reputation-making story with the […]
After several delays and a good deal of consideration, I’ve finally taken the plunge and started a Patreon campaign. Initially, I wanted to wait until the bulk of Kickstarter rewards were fulfilled, because I don’t like double-dipping on people. And then life got in the way… Anyway, the goal for the Patreon is to help […]
In the liminal space between the midterm elections (very much a blue wave) and the seating of a Democratically-controlled House, the political situation is remarkably fluid and indistinct, especially when it comes to the question of how far to the left the Democratic caucus will move. As Lemeiux has said, the attempt to unseat Nancy […]
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