Author: Scott Lemieux

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Matt Yglesias has (justly) come under fire for his recent posts arguing against civil rights protections for gay people on the basis of conservertarian bromides that weren’t persuasive when the Supreme Court used them to strike down maximum hours laws in 1905, and for his criticism of John Kerry’s acceptance speech for not being a Brookings Institute […]

Picking Rehnquist

On July 29, 2004

Erik asks in the comments if Rehnquist’s nature was known when Nixon appointed him. As it happens, John Dean wrote a good book on the subject.  Essentially, Rehnquist was a last-minute choice;

One of the most amusing pathologies of wingnut cranks is their unyielding conviction that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee in 2004, despite the facts that 1)she repeatedly said she wouldn’t run, and 2)no constituency within the party who wanted her to run.  Then, she was a highly likely veep pick. Despite the fact […]

Good Question

On July 20, 2004

The best poll yet at the Rittenhouse Review: Who is worse, the more offensive, odious, or objectionable, and limit your thought process not to the inexplicably popular, “Mad About You?” H

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