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Against Aesthetic Stalinism


As always on the subject, what Roy said.

There seem to be serious questions about whether the portrayal of Zero Dark Thirty as being pro-torture is accurate. But even if it is — and I obviously take no position on either the politics or aesthetic merits of the film, having not seen it — it is in fact entirely possible for great art to have bad politics. Conversely, anyone who’s had the misfortune of sitting through a late-period Robert Redford movie or a couple episodes of The Newsroom is well aware, acceptable politics and atrocious art can certainly go well together.

…also, I’d appreciate it if Freddie deBoer would cite some of the unnamed “liberals” who “want to be forced to support torture” and take the stupid ticking time bomb hypothetical seriously. The only one he discusses is Ackerman, who defends the film’s treatment of torture because he believes it to show torture as being both brutal and useless. This may be a misreading of the film, but it’s a weak basis indeed for an assertion that Ackerman is a secret torture apologist who also speaks for all liberals.

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