Author: Abigail Nussbaum

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Remember that scene in Titanic, shortly after the ship hits the iceberg, where the officers and owners come to its designer Thomas Andrews, played by Victor Garber, to figure out what they can do about their current situation? And he explains that there’s nothing to be done. Too many compartments have been exposed to the […]

Oscars 2022

On March 27, 2022

In a few hours, we will reach the end of an Oscars season that has been occupied primarily with the question of how to get people to care about the Oscars. And with a whole host of misguided schemes a

Whither Satire

On December 26, 2021

I’ve been thinking lately about satire, and particularly political satire of our present moment, which often seems to have come pre-satirized, no joke or jibe having more of a bite than actual r

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