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Funding resistance to Russian imperialism


The purpose of this thread is to discuss the stalled military aid package to Ukraine, which is being held up by the Putinist traitors in the GOP House caucus, who in turn are following Donald Trump’s orders to do what they can to help Trump’s master in his war of imperialist aggression:

Despite increasingly desperate pleas from Kyiv, the Republican House speaker, Mike Johnson, had refused to bring the wartime aid bill to the floor until Congress finalized a government funding bill, which it did early on Saturday morning – before leaving Washington for a two-week recess.

The bill already passed in the Senate, and support for Ukraine is broadly popular in the House, too, but a faction of hard-right lawmakers opposes sending additional aid to the country. Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has put pressure on Johnson not to bring the measure to the floor for a vote. . . .

Ukraine aid has sharply divided congressional Republicans, who were once united in toeing a hard line against Russia. But Trump’s hostility to the Nato military alliance and his flattery of Vladimir Putin have helped turn support for Ukraine into a partisan issue unpopular with his base.

In the absence of congressional action, Washington is reportedly lobbying allies in the G7 to issue $50bn of bonds “backed by the profits generated by frozen Russian sovereign assets” to support Ukraine, Bloomberg News reported last week.

The White House first requested fresh funds for Ukraine in October, but the proposal was immediately consumed by the fierce debate over migration at the US’s southern border with Mexico. When an attempt to address the border issue collapsed earlier this year, the Democratic-controlled Senate moved forward with a vote on the foreign aid package in February.

US and Ukrainian officials have issued grim warnings about what could befall Ukraine on the battlefield if Washington fails to send more military aid. Zelenskiy has stressed his country’s dire need of air defense missiles, as Russia continues its deadly bombardment. Ukrainian troops are rationing artillery shells amid ammunition shortages.

Nothing exposes the fraudulent leftism of a lot of purported leftists more clearly than any ambivalence toward helping Ukraine resist as pure an example of an imperialist invasion as it’s possible to imagine.

As for the increasingly authoritarian and ethno-nationalist GOP’s reluctance to oppose Putin, that’s about as mysterious as Donald Trump’s difficulties in getting conventional lenders to loan him more money. As for unconventional lenders, the financial ties between Trump and the Putin regime remain criminally under-explored, with the emphasis on “criminally.”

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