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LGM Film Club, Part 312: The Breaking Point


Tonight, let’s watch the 1950 adaptation of Hemingway’s Have and Have Not, directed by Michael Curtiz and starring John Garfield as the desperate and proud sea captain, Patricia Neal as the seductive woman he sort of befriends, Phyllis Thaxter as his wife, and Juano Hernandez and Wallace Ford in key supporting roles. It was an interesting decision to even make this film since Bogart and Bacall had starred in a far looser adaptation of the book but with the title a few years earlier. It’s a pretty solid adaptation and significantly closer to the Hemingway vision than the previous film. Curtiz was always an excellent director and Garfield is about as perfect a Hemingway leading man as you can get. Now, that sort of leading man and the inability to communicate with women gets old pretty fast, which is why I really don’t read Hemingway anymore. I was also surprised just how sexy and seductive Neal was, which is quite a bit different than other roles I’ve seen here in such as The Day the Earth Stood Still. Overall, it’s a solid production starring people who are pretty significantly underrated today.

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