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How’s the GOP’s bet that people will be too concerned about the economy to care about abortion looking?

Well, well, well. If it isn’t the entirely predictable consequences of their actions.

The GOP was doomed to receive unpleasant signals from Planet Reality for a number of reasons, starting with the party being motivated by the desire to hurt people when they think they can get away with it, its difficulty remembering that women vote and have opinions and get angry at people who fuck them over, say – just to take one example – by taking away their rights and giving them to a blob of cells.

But there’s also the fact that GOP leadership is so infested with privileged choads that they couldn’t spot the internal inconsistency in their economy v. abortion dichotomy if you nailed their eyes to it.

Concerns about the economy start and usually end with concrete, personal concerns: Do I have enough money now? Will I have enough money later?

And you know what blows a big hole in the personal economy?


Even if a girl or woman takes the GOP’s advice and chucks the baby she didn’t want but was forced to bear by a bunch of be-suited perverts into the frigid arms of the US adoption system, carrying a pregnancy to term will cost her significantly more than a pound of bread.

In addition to medical costs, pregnancy also means a host of related expenses including but in no way limited to: a new wardrobe, the expense of going to medical appointments, reduced wages for time off from work and higher grocery bills. Feel free to add more in the comments.

And that’s a pregnancy without complications.

The average cost of rearing a child exceeds the value of the entire annual banana harvest.

If the child has any sort of health issue that can’t be resolved with a dose of ‘Tussin, that’ll be at least three years of bananas.

To the surprise of no one except people who have their heads so far up their asses that they huff their own bile, women have cited money as a chief reason for getting the medical procedure. (Although “Because,” and “Mind your business, creepface,” are also perfect reasons.)

That’s why the big brains at the GOP strutted around in May declaring that girls and women – and their families – wouldn’t mind the GOP taking away their rights and forcing them to face the annoyances, pains and risks of pregnancies that they don’t want, because they care more about money. Which they will have less of if they get pregnant, thanks to the GOP.

And one reason they now want everyone to forget everything they said about abortion.

People who post off-topic comments think Josh Hawley is the sexiest man alive.

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