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What does the disgusting orange hobbit have in its pocketses?

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Probably not an accurate representation of what the FBI removed from Mar-a-Lago Unsplash

Former WHPS Stephanie Grisham on TFG’s distinctive way of handling of classified documents:

“I sat in an airplane with him, watched him go through documents — throw some away, rip some up, and put some in his pocket,” the former press secretary told CNN.

“Because I remember specifically thinking, ‘I wonder why those go in his pocket.’ So I think this is going to be really interesting.”

Indeed, mwaha.

She added that handling classified information “was something that was really pressed upon us on a daily basis or weekly or monthly”.

Hmmm. Also, brief aside: Do pause to contrast Grisham’s behavior with that of the sick freaks who are rolling around on the floor screaming Treason! and trying to incite people to overrun the local DOJ building.

Ms Grisham continued: “I think that something big is there. I don’t think it’s going to be just letters. I think it could be about military operations.

“This is me speculating — I want to be clear. But I can see the former president thinking those were cool or fun, and we were not a White House that followed the rules.”

She forgot “profitable.”

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that anyone who has ever spent five seconds thinking about these issues knew from Day 0 that that having a swaggering, ignorant, greedy fuckwit for POTUS was going to be a national security nightmare. That is, everyone except the ridiculous humans who were wittering about the grown ups in the room keeping him in check.

But here we are.

The FBI’s next step should be to shake his wretched adult childer upside down to see what falls out of their pockets.

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