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The Ecstasy of Decay

I haven’t had as much or energy to create as I would like this summer, but I have managed to squeeze in a few new pieces. I will post a couple of them here, but the best place to look at my art is at Patreon, because you will see all my art before anyone else. You will also get to see works-in-progress and most of the stock I used in the creation of my art.

Because I am still somewhat new to Patreon, I recently learned that I had set it up so that supporting me was a bit of an investment. Now I have it set up so that you can support me for as little as a dollar a month.

As a thanks to my supporters, I have set up a Question and Answer session today and today only, though I plan to do them again in the future.

You can ask about anything–about my process, equipment, inspirations, stock, methods…really the sky’s the limit. 

And because I want this to be really fun, you are welcome to suggest future artwork ideas to me, even point me to stock you really like. I am currently gearing up to do lots of Fall and Halloween-themed art. So if there is some subject or motif you’d really like me to tackle, please let me know!


The second-best place to see my art is here, at my official site. Here you can see all my best pieces, in their full-sized glory. Some of my pieces are best seen at actual size because of the sheer amount of detail.

And, of course, if you’d like to support my art in a commitment-free way, there is always RedBubble, where you can buy anything from framed prints, to water bottles to clocks. (Seriously, the clocks are so cool!)


Anyway, I hope you all didn’t mind this shameless self-promoting post, but if you’re not into it I have some food posts coming up soon!

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