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LGM Film Club, Part 276: The Oeuvre of Morris the Cat


When I had my horse grave post the other day, someone mentioned Morris the Cat. I looked and saw he was just buried in his owner’s backyard. But then I read up on Morris and….wow he was a real Hollywood star. Of course there is the initial 9 Lives commercials.

But then it turns out Morris was also the cat in the greatest cat role in film history (with all due respect to The Third Man and Inside Llewyn Davis)–he’s Elliott Gould’s cat in The Long Goodbye!!!!!!!!!

No wonder Morris wasn’t falling for any of that homemade shit Gould was trying to make him, he’s the world’s most finicky cat!!!

This kind of blew my mind! Then I read this pretty funny comedy bit about Morris hating Elliot Gould on the set and totally outacting him. It’s an amusing five minutes.

And lest you think after this epic role, Morris confined himself to licking his butt and the occasional commercial, oh no. He was also featured in the very shitty looking 1973 film Shamus with Burt Reynolds and Dyan Cannon. And not only is he featured in the trailer, but he is actually in the opening credits!

That’s a hell of a career for an orange tabby!

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