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Trump endorses JD Mandel in Ohio Senate primary


He may look dumb, but that’s just a disguise:

No one appears to be more surprised by Donald Trump’s endorsement of J.D. Vance for the Ohio Senate than the former president himself, who on Sunday appeared not to know the former Never-Trumper’s name. Speaking at a “Save America” rally in Nebraska in support of Charles Herbster, a Republican gubernatorial candidate accused of sexually assaulting eight women, Trump crowed to a crowd: “You know, we’ve endorsed Dr. Oz. We’ve endorsed—J.P., right? J.D. Mandel, and he’s doing great. They’re all doing good.” Trump appeared to be confusing the names of Ohio Republican primary candidates Josh Mandel, whom he hasn’t endorsed, and J.D. Vance, whom he (reluctantly) has. Mandel, a former Ohio State treasurer running on a pro-Trump platform, was long presumed the front-runner in a crowded primary field until the former president issued his endorsement of Vance last month. 

Of course Republicans can’t stop talking about how senile poor confused old Joe Biden is.

This isn’t going to stop Trump from getting the GOP presidential nomination two years from now, because nominating a demented psychopath for the presidency makes the libs mad.

As for the Ohio race, it remains to be seen if Peter Thiel will demand that his bribe be returned.

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