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Today at our neoconfederate executive council


How reactionary is this Supreme Court? Well, let’s just say that this is the second time in a month, at least, in which Neil Gorsuch has been to the left of the median vote of the Court:

Gorsuch is an interesting case in the he is in some ways the most radical member of the Republican majority, but he also takes his libertarianism and sporadic interest in grand theory seriously enough to sometimes not vote the party line in cases of second-order interest to Republican elites. Wheres Alito is just a robot programmed to produce the result most similar to the most recent platform of the Texas Republican Party.

Also today, the Court held that it violates the First Amendment to limit that amount of fundraising candidates can do to pay back their campaign loans after they’ve already won:

Speaking of grand theory, the idea that the First Amendment as originally understood mandated legalized bribery is so ridiculous that no Republican justice has even tried to argue as such. And this should be a reminder that Roberts is basically Alito, except since his name is on the Court he thinks the majority should strategically hold their fire every once in a while.

Anyway, the most important thing is that neither of these opinions leaked in advance! That might make the Court look partisan and illegitimate.

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