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We have been pleased with the progress of the podcast over the past year. Production has improved, we’ve had some outstanding guests, and we’re developing a rhythm with respect to responding to important events (the end of Roe, the war, the NFL), and series (the Oral History of the Blogosphere). Having listened to every minute of every podcast I am extremely pleased with the content. In many ways the podcast plays to the strength of LGM, with scholars who focus on different subjects leveraging their personal networks to deliver deeply interesting conversations with deeply knowledgeable guests. Those conversations will likely be as interesting five years from now as they are today. Conversations between LGM frontpagers and friends of the blog about subjects such as the NFL, the Academy Awards or the war are the fun ones; they’re more topical and perhaps less enduring, but no less entertaining to record.

Over the next few months we have some major guests lined up, as well as additions to our Oral History of the Blogosphere series. We plan to make good on a long-standing promise to have topical podcasts on subjects that commenters request; because of other commitments we haven’t been able to make that happen, but it remains very much within our wheelhouse. Finally, I’m working on a full, searchable index of the podcasts that I had hoped to have finished by today, but no such luck.

As with all things, this costs money, including software, sound equipment, and hosting fees. And as with all things, it takes time; the podcast itself takes time to record, and post-production can run from 1.2x the length of the podcast to, at an extreme, 3x or 4x the length. Your contributions make possible more and better LGM podcasts, which is fantastic because we genuinely enjoy making them.

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