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LGM at 18: the unicorn community


Now that the blog is old enough to get a drink in West Virginia according to the only slightly outdated at the time information provided by the beloved sitcom Family Ties, it’s worth noting the importance of the commenting community here. We have somehow been able to maintain a comments section large enough to generate robust discussion without being overrun by trolls, the unicorn of the internet. Pretty cool! One reason we’ve never seriously considered taking this blog to ShakeShack is that a hard paywall would mean the obliteration of this community, which would ruin a lot of the fun.

Maintenance of this community, however, requires frequent posting as well as enough moderation to stamp out periodic troll infestations, which takes a lot of time. If you can afford to donate, whether on a monthly or one-shot basis, it helps maintain access for people who don’t have the money to spare and helps keeps this community afloat.

You can also buy me stuff from my wishlist, which I always appreciate! Thanks for reading and, if you can or already did, giving.

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