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Susan Collins calls the cops because someone said something mean


Well not actually mean or anything — more of a polite, very understated criticism:

Note that the message written ON A PUBLIC SIDEWALK was “Susie, please, Mainers want WHPA, vote yes, clean up your mess.”

And yes, it’s not exactly a good sign that the immediate reaction of 100% of SENATE DEMOCRATS to Dobbs is to make sure that members of the Supreme Court are not subjected to the horrors of public protest, which could be dangerous dontcha know. (When I first read about this I figured it was just Chris Coons being Chris Coons but the bill was passed by unanimous consent).

Long-time commenter Incontinentia Buttocks says the following in the thread below on Nancy Pelosi’s Why Can’t We Have Nice Republicans speech:

This country is in the process of being taken over by a theocratic, authoritarian minority. To blame the American people as a whole for this is to deeply misunderstand what is taking place.

IB’s point is that the problems are more structural — terrible Constitution/political culture/media environment that enables theocratic authoritarian minority — than characterological failings of the democratic or Democratic polity per se.

I think this is basically right, but it’s still difficult not to get annoyed with the cow-like acceptance of creeping theocratic authoritarianism from said polity.

But I’m trying Ringo.

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