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The Great Replacement


At least 10 people are dead and another three wounded after a mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, that authorities said was a “racially motivated hate crime.”

The suspect entered a Tops supermarket shortly after 2:30 p.m. while wearing military fatigues, body armor and a tactical helmet and fired a rifle, according to law enforcement officials.

An 18-year-old white, male suspect is in custody, police said. The shooter live-streamed the attack on social media, authorities said.

The gunman shot four people in the parking lot, three fatally, before proceeding inside the store where he was confronted by a retired Buffalo police officer working security, police said.

The guard shot and struck the suspect, but without effect due to the body armor, police said.

The gunman then proceeded to shoot nine more people inside the store, police said.

Among the 13 victims shot, 11 were African American and two were white, authorities said.

Four of the shooting victims were store employees, while the rest were customers, authorities said. The Buffalo police officer working security was among those killed, according to a law enforcement official.

The suspect in a Buffalo mass shooting reportedly live streamed the massacre on Twitch and posted a 106-page manifesto pushing a racist conspiracy theory prior to the attack.

“A man has opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York while live-streaming on Twitch, killing at least 10 people and injuring several others, local officials and witnesses say,” BNO News reported Saturday. “A 106-page online manifesto, believed to have been uploaded by the shooter, explained that he was motivated by a conspiracy theory that white people are being replaced by other races. In the document, he says he is 18 years old and a self-described white supremacist and anti-semite.”

J.J. MacNab, a researcher at George Washington University program on extremism, studied the 106-page manifesto allegedly posted by the shooter.

“He self identifies as a white supremacist fascist with Neo-Nazi beliefs who is anti “high fertility immigrants” under the white replacement theory. There are several 4chan markers,” she explained. “He states that he was radicalized online on 4chan and was inspired by Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto and livestreamed mass shooting in New Zealand.”

Tucker Carlson’s rhetoric tends to align with that of avowed white supremacists, so much so that it can be hard to distinguish the Fox News host from some of the nation’s most prominent self-professed racists. This has certainly been the case this week as he’s lambasted President Biden, and even Texas’s extremely Republican Governor Greg Abbott, for not doing more to ensure that nary a Haitian refugee makes their way into the United States.

In arguing against the rights of these desperate migrants, Carlson is pushing the idea that Democrats want to flood the nation with loyal foreigners in order to retain political power, and in the process destroy America as Fox News viewers know it. This idea, also known as the “great replacement,” is taken straight from the playbook of white supremacists, and as long as Carlson continues to host of one of the most popular primetime programs on cable television, it’s important to continue to point out that what he’s saying is based in racism, not patriotism, or reason, or, as he tried to claim on Wednesday, “politics.”

The interpreter repeated his request and the condemned man yelled, ‘Julius Streicher.’

As he reached the platform, Streicher cried out, ‘Now it goes to God.’ He was pushed the last two steps to the mortal spot beneath the hangman’s rope. The rope was being held back against a wooden rail by the hangman.

Streicher was swung suddenly to face the witnesses and glared at them. Suddenly he screamed, ‘Purim Fest 1946.’ [Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrated in the spring, commemorating the execution of Haman, ancient persecutor of the Jews described in the Old Testament.]

The American officer standing at the scaffold said, ‘Ask the man if he has any last words.’

When the interpreter had translated, Streicher shouted, ‘The Bolsheviks will hang you one day.’

When the black hood was raised over his head, Streicher’s muffled voice could be heard to say, ‘Adele, my dear wife.’

At that instant the trap opened with a loud bang. He went down kicking. When the rope snapped taut with the body swinging wildly, groans could be heard from within the concealed interior of the scaffold. Finally, the hangman, who had descended from the gallows platform, lifted the black canvas curtain and went inside. Something happened that put a stop to the groans and brought the rope to a standstill. After it was over I was not in the mood to ask what he did, but I assume that he grabbed the swinging body of and pulled down on it. We were all of the opinion that Streicher had strangled.

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