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This Nation Will Never Have a Serious Conversation about Race, Part the Zillion


I never expect anything from the cops, but this is hardly different these days then, say, attempting to write a history book that people will read about slavery and having fascists cry about “critical race theory.”

The city of Fort Lauderdale has fired its police chief Larry Scirotto, who has been in office for less than a year, following allegations of discriminatory practices for promotions.Scirotto was sworn-in as police chief in mid-August, and the city had hired a law firm by November to investigate complaints of discrimination before he was fired on Thursday, according to a copy of the law firm’s report obtained by CNN. Scirotto told CNN Saturday the report that triggered his termination from the department was “vague on the facts,” and was largely based on hearsay.

The investigation concluded that during his time as police chief, Scirotto implemented an approach to hiring and promotion that was unfairly focused on minority candidates.

So what happened?

The report said Scirotto once pointed to a conference room wall displaying photos of the department’s command staff and stated, “that wall is too white,” and “I’m gonna change that.”

Scirotto told CNN he promoted 15 people from August to November, and of that group, six were ethnic or gender minorities selected for promotions based on their merit.”None of them were promoted because they were in a protected class,” he said. “They were promoted because they were the best candidates.”

40 percent of a tiny selection of hires were women or people of color! It must be critical race theory combined with the reconquista combined with the hordes of Islam combined with the feminazis coming for white men!

Jesus fuck, America.

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