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Notes from the professional leagues


Here’s a scouting report for Hank Aaron, from the summer of 1952, when Aaron was eighteen:

I was curious about the “Nationality” thing, so I googled about a bit, and here’s the scouting report for Roger Maris, three years later:

Hmmm . . . if someone currently residing in the devil’s workshop can find a similar report for an Italian-American or Polish-American or Latino player of the era, etc., that would be interesting.

BTW apparently it’s quite a common thing in the Heartland ™ for certain fine upstanding citizens to return their census forms with their ethnicity self-described as “American,” which isn’t actually an official category on the census, probably because of all the Political Correctness and Critical Race Theory.

(2) Novak Djokovic has been granted an exemption to play in the Australian Open despite not being vaccinated for Covid. The tournament’s sponsors explained that they shared a strong personal belief with their Serbian petitioner in high TV ratings and fat stacks of cash.

(3) Speaking of money (that’s what I want):

Melania Trump announced Tuesday morning that she is holding an auction of the white hat she wore during the visit of the French first family, the Macrons, to the White House in 2018.

In a statement from her office, Trump said that, in addition to the hat, the auction lot will include a watercolor by Marc-Antoine Coulon — a French artist who drew her eyes for her NFT last month — as well as what the statement defines as “an exclusive digital artwork NFT with motion.” The NFT, the second Trump has sold in less than a month, features the drawing of the hat with some animation.

Trump’s office says some of the proceeds will go toward an initiative that is a part of the former first lady’s Be Best program, but it’s not clear how much will be donated. [Ed: I can take a wild guess]

The centerpiece of the auction, the custom white hat, which Trump has signed, was created for Trump by her personal stylist, Hervé Pierre, to match the $2,105 white crepe Michael Kors Collection suit Trump wore for the daytime ceremonies at the White House attended by Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron.

You don’t have to wear that hat tonight.

Apparently the Third Lady is all into the crypto and the NFTs [wtf those are I don’t know and don’t want to know]

You don’t care if it’s wrong or if it’s right.

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