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When mental faculties skip a generation


Tarpley Hitt has a grimly entertaining interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.. I will give you a taste but one must really Read The Whole Thing, including the internal fact-check:

You say that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has a $6.5 million stake in Gilead.

So you know, yeah, I will get back to you because I cannot answer that question here. I mean, there’s 2,200 footnotes in that book and, you know, if there is one of them, I thought, I need to check on that.

I ask because Gates funding is a recurring theme in here. Do you think it’s important for all of these institutions to disclose exactly where they’re getting their funding from?

Of course.

Where does Children’s Health Defense get most of its funding?

We got probably most — I mean, we got funding from independent funders, from people whose children have been injured by medications, from people who want medical freedom. You don’t get any money from pharma at all. We don’t get money from people who are making money on pharmaceutical products.

Right. I was looking at your guys’ 990 from 2019, and there was about $3 million in contributions, but the list of contributors was restricted. Do you know roughly who they are?

I wouldn’t be able to tell you. But because of the capacity, of the willingness of the press to censor any kind of dissent toward the government and official narratives and the pharmaceutical paradigm, it’s hazardous a lot of times for people who give to our organization, which is a very hard line defender of children’s health, to expose themselves that that kind of vitriol and punishment. I know that there are some of our funders — you’d have to ask [Children’s Health Defense Executive Director] Laura Bono who those people are, because I wouldn’t be able to tell you. But I can tell you that the press applies very, very serious scrutiny to everything we do and virtually no scrutiny to what the pharmaceutical industry does. And we don’t make money. I mean, people ask me if I am making money. This has been a money-losing enterprise for me. I’ve lost probably 80 percent of my income.

Really? Like how much?

Well, I was doing 60 paid speeches a year, for 30 years, roughly on average. Now, I get none. And those were high-paid speeches.

How much does a speech cost?

Oh, generally a minimum for me was about $25,000. And they all disappeared, and there’s many business deals and my salary sources have also disappeared. I lost 80 percent of my income. Nobody’s making money on this and particularly not me.

I mean, your compensation on the 990 is $255,000. Seems like a lot.

Figures that the anti-vaxx grifting circuit pays more than most of the work that, you know, makes a net positive contribution to society.

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