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MAGA scum have bail set at $500K each


I’ll be morbidly curious to see if any GoFundMe type campaigns get set up to spring these fascist creeps out of the hoosegow.

Shannon Smith, an attorney for the couple, said the couple were prepared to turn themselves in, and were unaware of the 4 p.m. arraignment.

“They knew we were planning on bringing Mr. and Mrs. Crumbley in,” said Mariell Lehman, a lawyer representing the couple. “They were never fleeing prosecution.”

Right, that’s why they turned off their cellphones, drew $4K from an ATM, and were found hiding in a warehouse 50 miles from their house and a few hundred feet from the Canadian border.

Protip: If you’re hiding from the laws, don’t park the car registered under your name right in front of your hideout.

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