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It’s not a lie if it confirms your reactionary priors


Let’s check in with one of the most well-compensated writers at a publication that recently determined that smarmy nihilistic indifference to a pandemic killing a 9/11 worth of people every 2 days in the US despite the existence of a safe and effective vaccine was a viewpoint that needed active promotion:

From there, she just…keeps tweeting it out:

The fact that Rufo just flat-out admitted that he created the CRITICAL RACE THEORY panic out of whole cloth as an ooga-booga for both profit and to get ideas he doesn’t like censored, and this hasn’t affected his credibility among the Intellectual Horse Paste Web one iota, tells you everything you need to know.

And it’s working like a charm:

DeSantis being the first governor to use the Fugitive Uterus Act as a model for formalized book-burning was inevitable. Excited for the forthcoming Atlantic blog, “Ron DeSantis is Winning the Campus PC Wars.”

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