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Bullying is the Point


It’s not at all surprising that Texas Republicans are surprised anyone would actually take up their Stasi offer to sue anyone getting an abortion, since they assumed they could just intimidate everyone into not having an abortion.

“These out-of-state suits are not what the bill is intended for,” said Chelsey Youman, the Texas state director and national legislative adviser for Human Coalition, an anti-abortion group that said it had no plans to file a lawsuit against the physician, Dr. Alan Braid, or to encourage others to do so.

“The goal is to save as many lives as possible, and the law is working,” Ms. Youman said, adding that the notion behind the law was that the mere threat of liability would be so intimidating that providers would simply comply.

Some well thought out politics there!

These people are bullies. The way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them and never, ever back down. This is how people should have repsonded to Donald Trump from the beginning. This is why one should never apologize when you get attacked by the right and it’s why I’ve never apologized for anything I’ve ever said when I’ve been attacked by fascist websites. It’s the only way to respond to them that doesn’t lead to more bullying and also that keeps your own dignity. These cowards in Texas don’t want to have the trials. They don’t want the constant publicity. So give them the trials and publicity if you can and are willing to take what is most certainly a very real risk. This is why Dr. Alan Braid is such a hero. He’s willing to take this risk and invited it. Good for him.

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