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Now the flames they followed Joan of Arc


There will presumably never be a point when we reach peak Sarah Palin First Amendment. But damned if this piece, entitled “The Social Media Pogrom,” isn’t a hell of an effort. What is it that earned the comparison to genocide? Well…

I don’t know who crafted the first tweet that simply said “Eve Fartlow,” but whoever it was—bot or human—started a fire. Over the past two weeks, Twitter has been littered with the words “Eve Fartlow.” Every time I tweet, this title is the response I attract, and it is pelted at me irrespective of what I write.

So Ms. Barlow has discovered something that happens to pretty much everyone with a following who tweets about controversial issues in public, not to mention anyone who has ever, say, attended elementary school. But surely the headline is just overwrought and the piece isn’t as bad as it implies and…oh dear:

Due to the juvenile nature of this “Eve Fartlow” attack, which sounds like it was invented by a 3-year-old high on Pop-Tarts, I wondered if the bombardment of “Eve Fartlow” tweets was engineered to drive me insane. Perhaps it was a form of digital waterboarding aimed at forcing me to surrender, delete all my accounts, log out of all my devices, and commit digital suicide.


“Eve Fartlow” is an intimidation tactic; a playground jibe meant to drown out my voice online. My words must be silenced as quickly as possible by the hammer-and-sickle emoji comrades who love humanity so much, they want anyone who threatens their concept of utopia to kill themselves.


Two weeks ago, as Westerners began educating themselves about Sheikh Jarrah and the Iron Dome through stick figures with biased speech bubbles on the Diet Prada and Refinery29 Instagram feeds, something else started happening on social media. I coined it the world’s first social media pogrom.


The seeds of this pogrom have been sown for a while. Online, there are different degrees of erasure and exclusion. First comes the unfollow, which hurts, especially from those we consider friends, those we love and cherish, whose memories are still fresh.

Remember from now one that if you unfollow someone on Twitter you are essentially inciting genocide. Moving right along:

Gadot had the audacity to be an Israeli and a former IDF soldier who publicly advocated for peace between her homeland and her neighbors. And she was annihilated online for it.


Meanwhile, when you have Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon, Dua Lipa, the Hadids, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Halsey, Snoop Dogg, Manchester United, and the BLM movement, among many other influencers, including Jews like Sarah Silverman and Natalie Portman, throwing their full support behind a reductive, inflammatory, and dangerous case against Israel, it’s very appealing to join in. Considering that Halsey alone has more followers than there are Jews alive…

The Hadids, Snoop Dogg, Manchester United, AND Halsey! Nobody could reach an independent judgment faced with this kind of preemptive consensus. I personally have never been able to maintain an opinion that is not shared by the intern who runs the Twitter feeds of Premier League clubs — just too much pressure.

The Tower of Babel that is Twitter is a place where disparate conversations cannot coexist

Um, I’m not sure you understood that story, but anyway…

When I swiftly blocked her for my own protection, she posted a picture of her block by me and tweeted that she was “honored.” Her intentions here are obvious: She was sending a bat signal out to go beat this Jew; permission for an online lynching.

Oh fer Chrissakes. Again, any political writer has gone through the “LOL they finally blocked me!” thing. I would also add that nobody is actually forcing you to look at your Twitter @.

The rise in anti-Semitic violence is real and and very concerning. Comparing it to someone calling you “Eve Fartlow” or unfollowing you on Twitter is not a serious response.

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