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Chicken Shortage


I find is absolutely astounding that for the utterly insane number of chickens this country raises for meat, to the point that the conditions for them are an utter atrocity, we now eat so much chicken that we are facing shortages.

The popularity of chicken — from sandwiches and tenders to nuggets and wings — is fueling such demand for fried poultry that America is starting to run short.

KFC says it’s struggling to keep up with soaring demand for its new sandwich, while North Carolina-based chicken-and biscuits-chain Bojangles reported outages of tenders across its 750 locations.


Poultry companies have been struggling to keep up with demand from quick-service restaurants. The biggest challenge for Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., the second-biggest U.S. chicken producer, is labor, according to Chief Executive Officer Fabio Sandri. The company expects to pay $40 million more this year to pay and retain workers, Sandri said Thursday.

Wingstop Inc.’s chairman, Charles Morrison, whose business is built on chicken, also mentioned the problem this week.

“Suppliers are struggling just as many in our industry are, to hire people to process chicken, thus placing unexpected pressure on the amount of birds that can be processed and negatively affecting supply of all parts of the chicken in the U.S., not just wings,” he said in a conference call.

Some of this must be that the chicken companies struggle because the working conditions on these farms are so horrifically awful that no one wants to do it and we don’t have the waves of immigration reaching farms in North Carolina or Delaware like a decade ago thanks to Trump’s white supremacy and now Biden’s relative indifference to immigrants. But really people, is it necessary to eat meat at every meal?

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