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Jim Crow, Florida Man


Ron DeSantis will once again soon win the pandemic by signing a bill that changes the electoral system he had previously proclaimed as the gold standard by suppressing the vote in tacit support of Daddy Trump’s false conspiracy theories that the election was stolen:

The pleas from Florida election officials were direct and dire: Passing the state’s new voting bill would be a “grave security risk,” “unnecessary” and a “travesty.”

The restrictions imposed by the new law, they warned, would make it harder to vote and hurt confidence in the balloting process.

But their objections were brushed aside on Thursday night as the Legislature gave final passage to a bill that would limit voting by mail, curtail the use of drop boxes and prohibit actions to help people waiting in line to vote, among other restrictions, while imposing penalties on those who do not follow the rules. It was perhaps the clearest sign yet that Republicans are determined to march forward across state capitols to establish new restrictions on voting.

The Republican effort puts added pressure on Democrats in Congress to find a way to pass federal voting laws, including a sweeping overhaul known as the For the People Act. But in Washington, just as in state capitols across the country, Republicans have remained united and steadfast against the Democratic efforts.

These bills don’t even really have the pretense of having anything to do with reducing fraud. And needless to say the marginal Senate Dems who refuse to give up their favorite Jim Crow anachronism are complicit.

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