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Look who’s trying to slither away under cover of broad daylight


The most corrupt attorney general in the history of the United States has decided that if Donald Trump won’t grant him the favor of public rehabilitation via firing, he’ll just flounce off into the sunset:

Attorney General William P. Barr is considering stepping down before President Trump’s term ends next month, according to three people familiar with this thinking. One said Mr. Barr could announce his departure before the end of the year.

It was not clear whether the attorney general’s deliberations were influenced by Mr. Trump’s refusal to concede his election loss or his fury over Mr. Barr’s acknowledgment last week that the Justice Department uncovered no widespread voting fraud. In the ensuing days, the president refused to say whether he still had confidence in his attorney general.

One of the people insisted that Mr. Barr had been weighing his departure since before last week and that Mr. Trump had not affected the attorney general’s thinking. Another said Mr. Barr had concluded that he had completed the work that he set out to accomplish at the Justice Department.

But the president’s public complaints about the election, including a baseless allegation earlier last week that federal law enforcement had rigged the election against him, are certain to cast a cloud over any early departure by Mr. Barr. By leaving early, Mr. Barr could avoid a confrontation with the president over his refusal to advance Mr. Trump’s efforts to rewrite the election results.

Barr is a crook of the first order, but our bien pensant legal elites love nothing better than a man of phony integrity and convenient principle, so this kind of stunt may actually work despite everything.

Note that in October Barr secretly appointed John Durham as a special counsel, allowing Durham to continue to investigate the federal government’s investigation of Russian interference on Trump’s behalf in the 2016 election, even after Joe Biden takes office. Durham’s investigations have been stymied by the frustrating fact that any honest inquiry will conclude that Russia did interfere in the election with Trump’s encouragement, and the active participation of various of his subordinates.

Barr is one of the very worst people in the Trump administration, and should be treated as contemptible pariah going forward, despite this last-ditch attempt to present himself as something other than Trump’s most malignant henchman.

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