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The Very Short Walk of Shame


As my spouse pointed out this morning, it’s certainly eyebrow-raising that on the same day Trump initiated a phone call with Putin he also ordered Federal law enforcement to cosplay as OMON.

Putting that aside, I want to underscore Scott’s point. Trump ordered a vicious, illegal, and unprovoked attack on peaceful demonstrators – and journalists – because he’s a fragile narcissist who is desperately afraid of looking weak. And he can always count on at least some Republicans to indulge this kind of Amerofascist cult-of-personality bullshit.

In case you were wondering, Trump’s Walk of Resolute Resolve was about 3/10s of a mile. Roundtrip.

In other news, my main reaction to Biden’s speech? All I want for Chrismukkah is a president who isn’t a demagogue.

Seriously, it was fine. Good even. Certainly not amazing. But damn if I didn’t get teary when I realized how accustomed I’ve gotten to having a president who peddles only fear, loathing, and the nursing of his own ego.

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