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If this is a war, we’re losing badly


This thread lays out the present situation in a clear way:

Seven weeks of semi-national semi-lockdown has produced 30 million unemployment claims and a plateau — but no real decline — in COVID cases.

Critical followup in the form of aggressive testing/tracing/quarantine regimes by its nature must be led by the federal government. That’s not happening and isn’t going to happen, because as somebody said on the Twitter this morning, Charles Kushner can’t buy the virus a new building so that Jared gets a good grade on his response (Consider that in the hellscape we inhabit currently, this dull normal dilettante is literally leading the federal non-response to this crisis).

I’m no expert, but I don’t see how the current predictions that we’ll have almost no deaths in a month or so and just have to worry about a second wave in the fall are going to pan out. Especially given that the current plateau in cases is being maintained by social distancing measures that are now beginning to be relaxed.

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