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At what point do we start calling this Trump’s third genocide?

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This will be the third genocide Trump has overseen since he began his presidency. That is if you count his treatment of refugees at the border. (I do.) And his sociopathic disregard of Puerto Ricans during Maria. (I do.)

A lot people thought this virus would be an equalizer. It would be terrible for everyone, white or black, rich or poor. It has not been been equally cruel to everyone– we must acknowledge– as it rips through nursing homes, densely-populated urban centers and meat-packing plants.

As others have noted, Donald Trump has no plan for handling this pandemic. One reason is that he is remarkably lazy. Getting this under some semblance of control would require work and focus and this guy just is not interested in that sort of thing. Sure, there is possibility that he simply doesn’t care if this virus kills everybody in the country but him. But I believe there’s more to it. He’s mentioned on several occasions that this is a blue state problem, clumsily hinting that it’s the the fault of bad governance, but beyond that I really do think that he and his supporters think that this virus should remain unchecked because it’s killing all of the right people–really old people (who they don’t give a shit about), brown and black people in urban centers, and essential workers (including the many undocumented workers who work in, say, meat-packing plants). At the end of the day Mr. Outflank and his supporters really consider essential workers expendable, and there’s no other way to say it.

Donald Trump has done too many evil things to count since he began his tenure as president, but the thing I will marvel at until my dying day is his forcing meat-packing plants to open while waiving safety measures to protect already-exploited, vulnerable workers. I guess THE MEAT MUST FLOW even if people have to die for it.

How did we get here? How can any of this be real?

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