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It’s Celebration Day for Roy Cohn in Hell


Because he’s officially no longer the sleaziest lawyer in the history of the American legal profession:

Keep in mind that the only reason we even have the Parnas evidence is because a federal judge allowed Parnas’s lawyers to turn it over to Congress, after Barr’s lackeys in the SDNY sat on it for months after Parnas’s lawyers had already turned it over to “the government” (Meaning Bill Barr, consigliere to the president of the United States).

If there were any justice, Bill Barr would spend the rest of his life in prison.

And just for the heck of it, let’s look back all the way to October, when law professors were falling all over themselves patting Notre Dame’s law school dean on the back for “protecting free speech” [sic] by inviting this shameless gangster to spew his lies in a classy public forum.

The linked encomium is from Paul Caron, dean of Pepperdine’s law school, where he succeeded . . . Ken Starr, who fifteen minutes ago was clutching a pearl as big as the Ritz over the very idea that anyone could question the integrity of William Barr, Esq.

The constitutionally ordained process of advise and consent should now be allowed to unfold. I am confident that Bill Barr will respond to all questions and concerns in a fair and honest way. I am also confident that he will be deeply respectful — as a matter of honor and integrity — of whatever advice he receives from the Justice Department’s ethics officers. Based on his long record of distinguished service, the American people can count on him to do the right thing.

They’re a rotten crowd.

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