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NFL Open Thread: The NFL conspires against Kaepernick again

CHARLOTTE, NC – SEPTEMBER 18: Eric Reid #35 and Colin Kaepernick #7 of the San Francisco 49ers kneel on the sideline, during the anthem, prior to the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium on September 18, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Panthers defeated the 49ers 46-27. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)

The NFL hates Colin Kaepernick so much they couldn’t even stage a sham workout with enough plausible deniability to be credible:

There is of course literally no reason to prevent both press viewings and Kaepernick from filming the workouts unless the offered workout was a complete fraud. And the demand for an incredibly broad waiver makes it pretty clear that this was the NFL trying to cover its legal ass rather than offering a genuine opportunity.

Despite which, he just did his own workout, which provided clear evidence that Kaepernick merits a job. But of course this evidence remains redundant. We do this every year but let’s do it again:

  • The idea that Kaepernick (7.3 AY/A, 72 TD 30 INT) isn’t good enough to make an NFL roster is just flatly absurd. The Colts, who consider themselves palyoff contenders, started Bryan Hoyer (6.6 AY/A, 52 TD 34 INT, 2 years older than Kaepernick) last week. Colt McCoy (5.9 AY/A, 29 TD, 27 INT) started a game. Adam Gase started a rando he didn’t even want to give first team practice reps to and cut the second his #1 became available again. The idea that Kaepernick isn’t still being blackballed is intelligence-insulting.
  • The idea that because of his blackballing he’s now too RUSTY to play remains remarkably ignorant of the kinds of QBs who get spots on NFL rosters. The Bears — a team with Super Bowl aspirations and a very shaky #1 QB — are employing King of the Microsoft Surface Chase Daniel, who has been in the league since 2010 and started 5 games, as their QB2. Seattle’s QB2 is Geno Smith, who has started two (completely meaningless) games since 2014. The Browns — who also expected to content at the beginning of the year — are using Garrett Gilbert, who has attempted exactly four passes in regular season NFL games since being drafted in the 6th round in 2014. I could go on but we’re breaking a butterfly on a wheel at this point.
  • People are still insisting that Kaepernick doesn’t really want to play no matter how much evidence to the contrary piles up. Projection and/or the instinct to apologize to arbitrary authority — they’re both a hell of a drug.

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