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Where do lone wolf mentally ill mass murders get their ideas about a Hispanic invasion?


From their Republican U.S senator:

And from Fox News:

As the so-called US-bound “caravan” traveling through Mexico continues to swell, some questions arise that the media will not ask. Who is funding these efforts? How has it grown so quickly and what did the Democrats have to offer besides a bunch of cliches and bromides, and of course grandstanding?

If you have been watching other networks, you have been treated to sympathetic, overwrought coverage of this invading horde, which is anything but a “caravan.” Mainstream news networks have dispatched teams of embedded reporters who are not so much covering the migrant mob as covering for it. They highlight the wonderful camaraderie and welcoming spirit of the masses bent on breaking into our nation. If you are skeptical, or dare to think our border should be secure, you are a “fear-monger” who doesn’t treat people with proper respect. Why, you may have even turned your back on the teachings of Christ, according to the previously militantly secular media.

Their latest gripe is President Trump’s suggestion that Middle Eastern terrorists might be part of this peace-loving group of traveling mothers and children.

And of course from President Donald Trump:

Hispanic leaders say there are chilling parallels between what Trump has said about immigrants and the suspected El Paso shooter’s writings.

Rep. Joaquin Castro, who represents nearby San Antonio and is chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said he is worried for his own young children in the wake of the shooting targeting people like his family.

“The President has put a target on the back of the Hispanic community for years now, and there’s a cost to that kind of dangerous and racially divisive rhetoric,” Castro said, on the phone from his home in San Antonio. ”If you look at the shooter‘s manifesto, it’s consistent with the language that President Trump has used to describe Hispanic immigrants as being part of an invasion of the United States.”

The Republican party is a domestic terrorist organization, that is getting Hispanic people in this country murdered. It should be treated as such.

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