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Waxing Racist


As recently noted in this space, Professor Amy Wax has recently made more racisms. Various wingers — including fellow at the Ed Whelan Institute For Ethics And Zillow-Based Conspiracy Theories Pascal-Emmanuel “ACTUALLY it’s hebephilia” Gobry have attempted to deny this with hilarious results:

To state the obvious, saying that you think the country should have “more whites and fewer non-whites” doesn’t somehow become magically not-racist because you preemptively declare that you’re actually talking about hebephilia “culture.”

My first reaction is that while I understand how much the Campus PC racket has invested into trying to turn Wax into an unfairly maligned free speech martyr it’s really about time to take the “L” on this one. My more considered reaction is that 1)the racket revolves around a handful of endlessly recycled anecdotes and they can’t really afford to lose one and 2)if the racket cared about facts Wax would never have been one of those anecdotes in the first place, so shine on you crazy diamonds.

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