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Waiting For Erskine Bowles


This is like a proposed Mark Halperin political novel come to life:

In one month, Sanford says he will decide whether he has enough support to mount a primary challenge against Trump for president. If he decides to do it, he’ll be challenging the man who left him unemployed. But notably, Sanford, who has been a vocal critic of Trump in the past, isn’t here to reclaim morality, or stand against Trump’s racist rhetoric. Trump’s racism is all distraction, Sanford says, from what he sees as the true problem facing America: bloated Social Security and Medicare programs raising the national debt.

“It’s this sort of nuclear swirl with Trump in the center of it in Republican circles, and in the process, we’re not talking about issues like the debt and the deficit that I think really are going to impact people’s lives in profound ways,” he said. “I would rather you get a little more excited about debt, deficit, and government spending than the tone I hear in your voice. I want passion. I want passion on this subject.”

Yeah, good luck with that. He has the POLITICO PRIMARY locked up, though!

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