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When nothing matters anymore


I keep trying to formulate a joke contrasting the level of media interest in a credible allegation that the president raped someone with a credible allegation that the president had a two-year-long 100% consensual affair with a woman, when 20 years after the fact a bunch of liberals decided that this was such a terrible thing to have done that this president should have “resigned in shame.”

Let’s not forget that almost the entire Republican party thought that Basic Standards of Moral Decency required using the impeachment process to remove a duly elected president because he had lied about that affair under oath.

Donald Trump also lies routinely about his sexual escapades, except those sometimes involve him raping someone, as opposed to merely having an affair, although he has plenty of those too.

Meanwhile, more than 15% of people who say they will vote for Trump next year are also willing to tell a pollster they think that the “sexual misconduct allegations” against him are at least probably true. (The number of Trump voters who assume, reasonably enough, that he’s a serial rapist is no doubt vastly higher, but even in the age of Trump there are limits on what people are willing to admit to a stranger).

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