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We Need Only 112 More Pledges…


When I was a teenager, I would stay up until 11:30pm (or whenever) to watch Doctor Who on Maryland Public Television. During pledge week, MPT’s tack was basically “pay up if you wanna see your dorky television show ever again. In the meantime, we will torture you with annoying remixes of its theme song and pitches for dumb merchandise, all of which can be yours if you fork over enough money.”

I’m pretty new to LGM, and I haven’t exactly been posting much lately, so I can’t credibly threaten to deny you my workmanlike prose lest you donate to the blog. I can, however, pass on annoying – for various values of “annoying” – remixes and covers of music.

I’ll start with one I’ve inflicted on you before. It’s actually kind of good. The problem is that you will never be able to listen to “This Year” the same way again.

Is your main objection to “Skinny Love” that it isn’t cloying enough? Well, then, you’re in luck.

Rolling Stone readers rated this the worst cover of all time.

But I think they didn’t give Shatner enough credit.

Like public television, we apparently (this was news to me) also have merchandise. Because who doesn’t want an “Organic Short Sleeve Baby Bodysuit” with the LGM logo?

Lawyers, Guns and Money Logo

Of course, if this were prime-time public television, we’d be trying to sucker money out of you by running the most appalling middle-brow fare available. In that spirit, here’s a token Deepak Chopra video.

Now, to be honest, I don’t see a dime from LGM. My share of the ginormous profits – you can tell we’re rich based on the cutting-edge design – goes to a charity of Rob’s choice. But I do know that a lot of people put in serious labor and that, precisely because the profits are so small, donations are important for the backend stuff.

So, you know, give a tiny amount to us and then, if you’re so inclined, provide a more generous donation to one of the many progressive organizations working for various dimensions of human and civil rights.

Oh, and if you want to argue over bad (or ear-wormy) covers, the meaning of “middlebrow”, or whatever… that’s why we have comments sections.

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