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Boycotting the Federalist Society


Via its enormous influence on the selection of federal judges in general, and Supreme Court justices in particular, the Federalist Society has played a crucial role in allowing a white ethno-nationalist movement to install Republican minority rule in America, at both the federal and state level.

It’s well past time for lawyers and academics who oppose this to do something about it.

We’ve now reached the point where any cooperation with an organization like the Federalist Society is a form of de facto collaboration with the political movement that has put Donald Trump and his minions into power.

People who appear at Federalist Society events, who do anything to facilitate Federalist Society operations at law schools, who write op-eds praising Leonard Leo’s hand-picked SCOTUS nominees, etc., are collaborating with the Trump administration.

Don’t collaborate with the Trump administration. Don’t treat the Federalist Society as anything but an instrument of Trumpism, because that’s what it now is.

I say this as someone who has participated in several Federalist Society events over the years, although I stopped doing so after the 2016 election. If you are a leftist, a liberal, or a conservative who doesn’t like ethno-nationalism, don’t do anything to support an organization that continues to play a key role in the attempt to re-create America’s version of herrenvolk democracy.

Such refusals are very small things on an individual level, but can become something more than that on a communal level. The Trump administration, the Republican party (a distinction increasingly without any meaningful difference), and their institutional support networks need to be ostracized by people who are opposed to white authoritarian ethno-nationalism, and its enablers throughout the American legal and political systems.

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