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In keeping with my promise to only review shows that have the word “Forever” in the title, I’d like to share my thoughts on “Sally4Ever” with you. Please watch this space for my review of the popular Sandra Bullock Netflix film: “Forever Box,” in which Sandra Bullock has a box filled with boundless time.

“Sally4Ever” is an HBO series about a woman who abruptly breaks off her engagement with her bald, a capella-singing longtime boyfriend to take up with an attractive, drug-using “bohemian” woman named Emma. It sounds like a recipe for a sexy adult drama, but not so fast: “Sally4Ever” is a (somewhat) dark comedy about, well, I don’t know exactly…which is why I don’t love the show.

I learned about the show via a text from my dad, who informed me he and my stepmom were streaming it. That message was followed up a couple days later by a frantic text saying that the show might not be for me because it was “kind of disgusting” and “scatalogical.” Fam, I couldn’t hit that Play button fast enough.

OK, here’s the deal: yes, “Sally4Ever” is at times pretty tasteless and it is–I suppose– what some people might consider edgy. But the thing I found most offensive about the show was that I just don’t find it particularly funny.

Sally, the title character seems to be more of a void of a character than actual character, a pleasant sort of dumpster where her boyfriend, her co-worker and her new paramour dump their toxic insanity and she just sits there and takes it.

I don’t think the Sally is supposed to be a moron, but I can’t know for sure because the character is such a bland cipher. Her girlfriend Emma is clearly a sociopath but Sally seems to just limply accept this, as she moves from one toxic relationship to the next. Perhaps that’s the point. Perhaps Sally is just supposed to be a very wimpy, damaged person who can’t speak for herself. Perhaps she’s just an idiot. Either way, it’s not particularly appealing, and it’s extremely difficult to get into a show that’s largely unfunny and each and every character is repulsive to you. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is hilarious, which is why the rule does not apply here.

I’ll be curious to see how long “Sally4Ever” survives. It’s distinctly British, which an American audience may already find taxing, and the bulk of the episodes are mostly comprised of cringe comedy that some people have obviously mistaken for sophisticated edginess.

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