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The Kids Are Alright


Students at Yale Law are speaking out against the liberal legal elites who helped run cover for Bart O’Kavanaugh:

The sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh is rocking the world of Ivy League law, an elite feeding ground for the Supreme Court and federal judiciary.

At Yale Law School, the embattled Supreme Court nominee’s alma mater, a growing number of students are denouncing administrators for their rote support of Kavanaugh and are demanding changes to a culture that enables powerful elites to get away with sexual misconduct.

At a Yale Law Women event on Thursday, students confronted faculty over statements Yale put out over the summer in support of Kavanaugh’s nomination and the school’s silence since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford alleged that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were teens.

Students also demanded to know if the school was aware of the conduct of Alex Kozinski, a high-profile judge many alumni clerked for who resigned late last year amid accusations of sexual harassment.

“Students feel pretty deeply betrayed by professors being aware of allegations for years against federal judges, but continuing to funnel students to them,” said Catherine McCarthy, a third-year student who was at Thursday’s town hall and was one of about 30 students who helped organize a campus protest the following day.

Doug Kysar, deputy dean of Yale Law School, told students on Thursday that he’d known of Kozinski’s behavior since 1998.

“We all inferred he meant that he knew about sexual harassment,” McCarthy said.


Yale Law students are not alone ― some students at Harvard Law demanded that Kavanaugh stop teaching at their institution ― and they aren’t about to give up. A coalition of students involved with groups like Yale Law Women, Black Law Students Association, Title IX and the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, “is going to pressure [school administrators] to put on a town hall next week,” according to a student involved in the planning.

And students are keeping up the pressure. On Friday, they placed signs on campus stating, “[Yale Law School] is a model of complicity,” and “YLS, you knew about Kozinski.” Two signs framed a picture of Kavanaugh hanging on campus. They said, “We still believe Anita Hill,” and “We believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. #metoo”

About 30 students are also organizing a trip down to Washington, D.C., on Monday.

“Things have changed in the hallways in the last two days,” said another law student who attended Thursday’s meeting. “Things have changed.”

This letter is depressing — not only Amar but Eskridge, Gluck, Gerken…say it ain’t so. In addition to everything else it’s amazing how many smart people have failed to notice that backing Trump or his associates leaves you with a very small chance of you leaving with your dignity attached.

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