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The Virginity Claim

Exports from the douche factory

Republicans repeatedly demonstrate their contempt for the public by openly lying to them. That is what Brett Kavanaugh is doing here with his utterly ridiculous virginity claim. Of course, I don’t know this 100 percent for certain, but there is no reason to believe this given his history and people he hung out with. Moreover, there is this tweet from the historian Steve Kantrowitz.

In any case, you should read Kantrowitz’s book on Pitchfork Ben Tillman. There’s a lot more reality in that than in whatever Brett Kavanaugh or his defenders say. This also reminds that the now infamous Mark Judge was the idiot who wrote that obscenely racist 2012 column “Bryce Harper is a good real American who believes in hard work and Baby Jesus and hates welfare unlike that big black buck Jason Heyward with his Cadillac and his t-bone steak and his white girlfriend.”

The Republican Party is only made up of the best people.

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