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More Useful Advice from Management Professors


So–Business is the biggest bullshit major in all of higher education. These are majors for people in college who don’t actually want to be in college, who don’t want to read or learn, and who want to get out and then earn as much money as possible, although they largely don’t have the skills to do so because most were too lazy to really learn what there was to be learned anyway. While there is some specialized training that takes place there requiring more advanced math and the like, most of it is just capitalist mumbo-jumbo and learning to use Excel sheets and engaging in pointless group projects that waste time. The vast majority of what necessary knowledge gleaned from a bachelor degree in Business could be easily learned on the job by any given History or Philosophy major. The real reason to major in Business is to gain the inside connections that help you in your career, but outside of the very best students at most schools or those who can get into elite schools, this isn’t going to be very helpful either.

Anyway, these Business professors have to do something with their time and so they may write garbage advice columns to young people that Politico is happy to publish. Such as this pablum from a Management professor who notes that all millenials have to do to have a great retirement is to work long hours for many decades, much longer and harder than their parents did. No avocado toast for you kids! Work until your 70s and then, maybe, maybe, you will be able to have a semi-stable retirement!

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