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International House of Bad Ideas


IHOP (International House of Pancakes) recently teased that the restaurant’s name would soon be changing to “IHOb.” Today they announced that the “b” stood for “burgers”:

When  IHOP said it would change its name to IHOb, the speculation ran rampant: The International House of Breakfast, or Bacon, or even Blintzes?

But, as it turns out, the chain is looking past morning meals with an eye toward enhancing its lunch and dinner business.

On Monday, IHOP announced that it was changing its name to “IHOb,” with the “b” denoting burgers. The change is not permanent, a company spokeswoman said, but rather is a move to promote its new burger line.

Known for its pancakes, the newly dubbed IHOP is releasing seven Ultimate Steakburgers as part of its rebranding effort — all the while keeping its breakfast items on the menu.

I am of the (correct) opinion that breakfast food is overrated trash, and even I know that this is an insane marketing tactic doomed for spectacular failure.


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