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What Do You Think The Most Critical Point is About Our Shitshow of A Country?


I’m guessing it’s not what Matt Stoller thinks is critical to discuss today!

So, let me get this straight. The nation has just committed to widespread voter suppression. It has an actual idiot meeting with the leader of North Korea to discuss nuclear weapons. Widespread ethnic cleansing is taking place. We have levels of corruption at the highest level of government that rivals if not bests that of the Harding administration. The nation is going to economic war with Canada for reasons no one understands and is attempting to destroy the G-7 and probably NATO. And this is just the last 5 days.

Given all of that, if you are Matt Stoller and you have 46,000 Twitter followers and widespread readership, your response is to link to a months old article on how Robert DeNiro is involved in some sketchy disaster capitalism investments in the Caribbean to indict everyone opposed to Donald Trump as being a corrupt hypocrite, just because DeNiro said mean things about Trump last night at the Tony Awards? Why the hell would you make this your take? Now, if you read the original article, it doesn’t make DeNiro look good and I’m sure it’s accurate enough. You could do many things here if you are Stoller. You could spend your time talking about something worthwhile. You could mention DeNiro is a huge hypocrite. He is probably is. Certainly, he’s super dumb on vaccinations. Yet, somehow I don’t take from that fact that everyone opposed to Trump has stupid ideas about science. I guess I am just another Democrat Party apologist, amiright?

The only purpose that tweet serves is to taint the entire resistance to Donald Trump as corrupt. This is anti-anti-Trump at its most stupid. And look, what does Matt Stoller has to lose from Trump? He’s a genuine elite, with a father who is a VP at Wells Fargo and a brother who directed Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the Muppets remake. This is a guy born with a silver foot in his mouth, one that he shoves in there over and over again. Unfortunately, some people actually listen to this clown.

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