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Day 500 Of The Republican Party Being What It Was Before


Um, what?

Donald Trump has been President Trump for 500 days as of noon today, and everything has changed, and nothing has changed.

Be smart: In 500 days, Trump’s hijacking of the formerly conservative GOP is complete — an astonishing accomplishment. The majority party in America is fully defined by his policies, his popularity with the base, his facts-be-damned mentality, his ability to control and quiet virtually all Republican elected officials.

Uh, what are some of examples of Trump “hijacking” conservatism from the “formerly” conservative GOP?

Trump has wiped out a large portion of Obama’s legacy. He’s exited the Paris climate deal; signed major tax cuts, especially for corporations; confirmed an ultra-conservative Supreme Court justice and record numbers of circuit court judges; deregulated like crazy; exited the Iran deal; exited the TPP trade deal; repealed the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate; and moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing it as Israel’s capital.

So, to review, Trump has defied Republican orthodoxy by appointing reactionary judges, opposing the regulation of business, embracing climate change denials, opposing the Affordable Care Act, and being pro-Israel. It is a very funny “hijacking” indeed that, with the marginal exception of the TPP, sees Trump…carrying out the longstanding agenda of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.  Why, I’m beginning to think that Trump’s “ability to control” isn’t really why his party is all-in behind them!

Is there some irony I’m missing here? This is like late-period-George-Will level work on its face.  (Incidentally, Will’s claim that a Republican House helped enlarge the D.C. Circuit for Barack Obama remains, uncorrected, on the WaPo op-ed page as I type. Heckuva job.)

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