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The Dreamlife of Mitch McConnell


When is was serially blocking nominees to the D.C. Circuit, the Republican Senate minority claimed that Obama was trying to “pack the court” by…nominating judges to fill existing vacancies. This was disingenuous. But George F. Will has decided to turn this into a full-blown alternative history:

I mean, wow. You’d think a paid political columnist would actually think this through for a second. The filibuster for legislation wasn’t abolished, so which Republican senators does Will think voted for Obama’s court-packing scheme? And maybe Will isn’t going to apply any skepticism to whatever bullshit McConnell’s people try to sell him or whatever Republican propaganda he vaguely remembers, but shouldn’t somebody at WaPo opinion notice a massive howler like this? How could this possibly get into print at a major newspaper? And maybe giving columnists more secure tenure than Article III judges isn’t a great idea?

[via Chait, who also explains why everything about Will’s timeline is a massive lie that an editor really should have noticed.]

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